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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Northern Virginia Alliance?
A strategic alliance between Loudoun Soccer, Virginia Valor and Great Falls-Reston Soccer to establish the preeminent ECNL National program in Northern Virginia.

Who is Virginia Valor?
Virginia Valor is a highly-respected youth soccer organization centered in southern Loudoun and western Fairfax. They are the result of a merger between SYA and CYA soccer clubs in 2021. While they do not currently have a charter as an ECNL club, Virginia Valor brings a strong coaching staff and leadership team to the Alliance.

Who is Great Falls-Reston Soccer Club?
Great Falls-Reston Soccer Club Great Falls-Reston is the perfect union of two neighboring clubs that came together to create an elite soccer program. Since its inception in 2018, the goal and focus has been to develop quality players and teams. GFR continues to have tremendous success at the regional level, producing teams that advance to play in national competitions.

Who is Loudoun Soccer?
Loudoun Soccer is one of the largest youth soccer clubs in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with over 13,000 players rostered annually in Rec, Travel, ECNL and Adult soccer leagues. The Club enjoys deep and established technical and operational resources, and owns a turf soccer facility in Leesburg, Virginia.

How does the Alliance benefit the ECNL player experience?
Increasing player and team exposure on a national level is the chief objective, as the enlarged territory and player pool will provide better opportunities for Alliance ECNL teams to compete and gain recognition nationally. The arrangement also allows our clubs to share technical and operational resources to provide the best possible training and development opportunities for our elite players.

Additionally, the Alliance will increase opportunities to launch creative programming options at scale to help enhance every players’ experience and enrich the level of coaching.

What’s in it for my non-ECNL player?
While NVA is focused on a national platform, the cross-club collaboration of ideas, best practices and resources will make itself felt club-wide. The NVA member clubs recognize that a strong foundation is fundamental to maximizing player development at every level of performance.

How will this affect to my ECNL-RL, EDP, NCSL or Rec player’s team assignment?
All teams and players competing outside the ECNL will remain within their respective clubs. Players in these groups will continue to be placed on teams as before.

Pre-ECNL (U11/U12) teams will also remain within their respective clubs, with cross-training opportunities available with Alliance teams as they transition to the ECNL program.

What impact will the Alliance have on the 2023 Spring season?
The balance of the 2022/23 seasonal year will continue and conclude as it began. Any changes in process will occur beginning with the ECNL ID process.

When will the new coaching slate be announced?
The 2023/24 coaching slate has been posted on the NVA website.

How do we register for Alliance ECNL ID sessions?
Registration is open now. Families new to Loudoun Soccer will need to create an account to register; current Loudoun Soccer families will register using their existing Loudoun Soccer account.

When and where will ECNL ID sessions be held?
Attendance at ECNL ID sessions is by invitation only. Session information will be communicated to invited players on a rolling basis. A session schedule is posted here for reference.

Do you have to be a current Loudoun, Great Falls-Reston or Valor player to be eligible to try out?
Players from any club are eligible to try out at Alliance ECNL ID sessions.

Is my ECNL player guaranteed a spot on an Alliance team?
As the Alliance is being formed at the beginning of a seasonal cycle, players will be selected by the process typical in most seasons. Teams will be formed based on overall performance of all the players trying out, with players placed on the team where they have the best chance to develop and find success.

What is the selection process? 
Multiple NVA Talent ID sessions will be held for each gender and age group. Selected players will be invited out for specific sessions via email; registration is required for consideration. Team selection is a dynamic process involving multiple interdependent elements. Depending on the team, coach, and composition of the player pool, players may learn their status within days of their session, or it may take multiple sessions to finalize rosters. Players will be notified of their status via email from NVA staff.

NVA staff take several factors into account when making selection decisions, including:

  1. ID session performance
  2. Familiarity with the player
  3. Observation during games and/or training

How much will Club fees be?
Club fee structure can be found on our Alliance Fees page.

Will we continue to offer financial assistance?
Yes, the financial assistance process will continue as it exists today, which includes an annual application and review process.

Will my practice location change?
In combining field and facilities allocation, Alliance players may find themselves playing on fields outside their home club territory. Loudoun fields tend to be located in central Loudoun, Valor fields tend to be centered in southern Loudoun and western Fairfax, while Great Falls-Reston fields are generally located in northern Fairfax.

Will we have to buy new uniforms?
As the clubs are entering a new uniform cycle in 2023, all players regardless of program will need to purchase new uniform kits. Uniform information will be available later in the year.

Can my player keep their current jersey number?
Current Alliance member ECNL players will retain their current number; new players will be assigned numbers by the Alliance.

How can I  learn more?
You can get many details from the Town Hall presentation from February 6, or em
ail [email protected] for more information.


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